MCPE Planet - Addons, Maps, Skins for Minecraft PE App Reviews

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The game does not work on Minecraft for me so I gave it two stars


This app is amazing the other ones I tried were for money but it’s all free here try it.Are you getting bored of plain old Minecraft then just get this app.

My thoughts

This app is really cool and fun but it’s a little annoying because everywhere I turn it asks me for a review and that is the only reason I did this. Keep it going, can’t wait to see more worlds!!

Best app ever

This is a great app!!! It works perfectly for me!!! I have an I phone 5s and 6s, it works perfectly on both! Let me just say this is one of the best apps I have on my phone and I have tons of apps!! Thx for making this


This is great I’ve been looking for a way to make Minecraft better but now it’s awesome


This is awsome I’ve only had it for a day but have fallen in love whith it I would recommend it twenty four seven


Good a few bugs but other than that its good

Please add more maps and addons

I would give this a 5 star review but you guys don’t add new maps or addons anymore. I really hope that you will respond to this review so you can continue to to add more. My recommendations are to add more maps more than addons. Thank you for listening to this review.

Nice! 😁

Pretty good and fun! The only down side is that not everything is free

A little good

They made it where you have to pay for your map that you want

Love it

It could be worse I got the car addon but it turned the pig into the sports car it wouldn’t move though could use a change Wetsammbro of ROBLOX

This is amazing

It’s really good


this app is so awesome it is so good my friend told me about it and i got it it was awesome

Add more STUFF

Add more stuff and watch unspeakableplays to get ideas and get mods from online like The Stormbreaker or BEDROCK ARMOR Or some other stuff ok?


It is good 🙃

Really good

This app is really fun and you can play MCPC and MCPE I watch unspeakable and he plays the same maps and mods totally worth to buy.


It's amazing so cool it really works❤️



I like it

The app dose let me choose my own skins and I really love that, but some of the add-ones don’t work. For example, I got the dragon add-on and it said it replaced bats but, when you find a cave all that you see are oversized bats and not the dragon it’s self. So I would really like it if someone fixed that. Overall I recommend the app to people who want skins.

I love this app 👍

YOU CANGET FREE ADD ON’S! Except if there on the bottom of the addon list Five stars


This app has all you ever wanted! Fun things to do! Has adventure, horror, etc types of maps. Also has cool seeds and skins for your minecraft character! recommend this if you want to do something fun with a friend or by yourself also! :)

Problem with this app plz fix

I have been downloading add-ons from this for a whole year then all the sudden I can’t download add ons eny more. If you don’t fix this soon I will delete this app from my phone.


It’s ok but 2 many things locked😐

Greatness 298463920

Good I love the app

Hurry and add more

Needs to more frequently add maps addonns seeds exstra

Best app for minecraft

This is the best mod or map downloader for minecraft because it's absolutely y free to download.The mods and maps are also free to download.I love this app


I love this app and I downloaded the Jurassic world mod and whenever I try to enter it on Minecraft it crashes and I don’t know what to do but this is app is everything

This is the best app

This includes lots of maps and add ons and the best part is that ITS FREEE

I love it

I want more Add-Ons on their

Really Good :D

I Enjoy this App,Though I Don’t Know How To Make The Skins Work,Which Is Kinda Bothering.Overall Though,It’s Really Useful And I LOVE THE ADD-ONS

Please please read

This is ok but, it been 9 months since knew worlds came out. I have been waiting to play a knew map, but nothing new has come up. 😔😔😔😔😔. Can you please put new worlds up like twice a month or something? Please. 👍🏾

Great App, Works Well!

Overall this is a great app! If you are thinking about getting it, then do it! It is worth the $3 (I think that’s how much it is...). But there are a few tweaks I would make: With the new updates to minecraft, a few of the addons don’t work anymore, which broke some of my worlds. Second, if you could do updates more frequently even if it means adding less addons at a time, it would keep it more fresh. At the moment, It can get pretty stale once you have gone through all the addons. Again great app, very simple, with lots of addons for Minecraft!

I hate it



Good app for skins and addons

I love it

ILY so much

The Add on’s works like as perfect as a bomb it has maps, textures and more

It is my first time doing this.👦🏼

Good but not good

I love the app so much because I can get world that I don’t have to create and have fun on but it’s been three months since they have updated for a new map


I got the Ferrari and I can’t spawn it in on anything what can I spawn it on please help fast!!!!!PLEASE


This is amazing it gives you tons of free mods and packs for Minecraft

MUST BUY !!!!!!!!!

So cool I don’t know if there is parkor or not but its still cool

I Rate this 4 stars

I rate this 4 stars because when you search for a map you have to pay. But if you scroll in the main menu its free. I found hogwarts in the main place and it was free! But the day before i had search for it and it costed money! So you have to scroll


I love the app and I love the horror games it has but the app hasn't posted any new maps so can you please post more maps


Works for me but it needs more maps. One day it just stopped uploading new maps and now I’m bored

This is cool!

This is cool!


It’s okay but almost all the mods replace other stuff in Minecraft and they usually don’t work. I’m giving it three stars because I like the texture packs and shaders

Great game

I think it is a amazing game I love it it never lags also it has every world you can think of and it has skins,seeds,parcour and races it is the best game ever!!!


It seemed like a good game, & other reviews say so, but, when I try to download a mod, it pops up an ad, which I cannot close out of, & once I get past that, I click download, it says import to mcpe but I can't click anything at all. Help?


It’s good but need more addons


Awesome mods to download

Needs more

Great but need more mods😒

  • send link to app